It wasn’t until recent years that the Galapagos Islands were really put on the map as a world class diving destination. Nowadays, thanks to the world renowned and the very popular BBC series of ‘Blue Planet’ and later ‘Galapagos‘, awareness and appreciation of this archipelago was delivered to the masses. Ever since listening to Sir […]

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I almost called this page “Juneau What?” but decided against it. We met our tour group out near the Welcome to Juneau sign, I think. We were taking a bus to the whale watching boat, then going to Mendenhall Glacier. The whole process was uneventful so I have nothing interesting to say about it. We […]

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How a North Carolina Oyster Nursery Is Improving Lives—and the Environment Owner says the business helps marine life, honors local history, and supports the community ARTICLE January 7, 2020Topics: Ocean Conservation Projects: Conserving Marine Life in the United States Tags: Fisheries management Like many states on the East Coast, North Carolina had a thriving wild oyster population until the mid-20th […]

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Written by Tzu-Ming Liu. The traditional culture of the local aboriginal Tao tribe on Lanyu Island has a very strong cultural taboo regarding the Green Sea Turtles. Their habitat is close to the local population’s traditional cemetery and the area is regarded as the living space of evil spirits. The organisms living in these areas, such as green sea turtles, are believed to have devil spirits.

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“She just wanted to say goodbye.” by Jad Davenport, National Geographic photographer and Churchill Wild Photo Leader We spotted the last of the wolves at dusk. I was driving a snow machine east through the willows along the Hudson Bay, toward Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. In the komatik (wooden sled) behind me Swiss photographers Fabienne […]

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Known for its rich biodiversity–sheltering about 5% of world’s fauna and flora–Costa Rica is a natural treasure, where emerald-green forests meet the waters of the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. From active volcanoes to rainforests, from the perfect surfing getaways to calm beaches, from tiny poblados to the packed capital of San Jose–Costa Rica is […]

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