The Chinese pangolin, a jungle cat (Felis chaus), the Tibetan red deer, and the Mongolian gazelle all would get greater protection, according to proposed changes to wildlife protection groups the State Forestry and Grassland Administration proposed Aug. 7. The critically endangered spoon-billed sandpiper also would get protections… A report by Bloombert:

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The scenery of China is indeed magnificent, however, we couldn’t neglect the astonishing wildlife there as well. Our trip starts in Lanzhou, then we went across the whole Gansu province to many cities such as Dunhuang, Zhangye. After that, we visited Qinghai lake and finally ended the trip in Xining. Further information about the attractions […]

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2019 was another excellent year of birding in China’s capital city. As of the end of the year, although there is uncertainty about some historical records, it is now likely that more than 500 species have been recorded in the Municipality, cementing Beijing as one of the best major capital cities in the world for […]

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Red Seabeach: Photo by Jia Mi on Flickr | Copyright. Contributor: Eric Grundhauser Looking out across the world’s largest wetland area, the swath of marshy flora growing in the shallow waters of Dawa County, China is an eye-popping crimson, making the whole area look like it has been taken over by the fictional “red weed” […]

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