Chinese fleet raises fears for Galápagos sea life.. — CHINA EXPOSED

A vast fishing armada off Ecuador’s biodiverse Pacific islands has stirred alarm over ‘indiscriminate’ fishing practices Jonathan Green had been tracking a whale shark named Hope across the eastern Pacific for 280 days when the satellite transmissions from a GPS tag on her dorsal fin abruptly stopped. It was not unusual for the GPS signal […]

Chinese fleet raises fears for Galápagos sea life.. — CHINA EXPOSED


Hainan Gibbon

The critically endangered Hainan Gibbon is not on the brink, but not far from it. A population growth of 20 in 50 years, up from 10 in 1970, is cautiously encouraging, thanks to efforts by Hong Kong and British environmental activists.
A traditionally low birth rate keeps this species in a very vulnerable state.


Hainan Gibbon

Returning from the actual brink, but still not far from it, The Hainan Gibbon population has grown from 10 individuals in 1970 to 30 now, thanks to the efforts of Hong Kong and British environmental activists.
An increase of only 20 in 50 years can be partly accounted for by this species very low birthrates. The remaining small population is native to China.

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The New York Times The coronavirus epidemic prompted China to permanently ban trade of wild animals as food, but not for medicinal use. China this week announced a permanent ban on wildlife trade and consumption that international conservationists greeted as a major step, but one with troublesome loopholes for trade in wild animals for medicinal […]

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Peacocks, porcupines and pangolins among species bred on 20,000 farms closed in wake of virus Freshly-slaughtered meat from wildlife and farm animals is preferred over meat that has been slaughtered before being shipped. Photograph: Visual China Group/Getty Nearly 20,000 wildlife farmsraising species including peacocks, civet cats, porcupines, ostriches, wild geese and boar have been shut […]

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