Early morning fog covers the Jiankou section of the amazing ancient Great Wall of China, located in Huairou District, north of Beijing, China. Image Credit: Photograph by REUTERS/Damir Sagolj Source: Photos of the week | Reuters.com

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The New York Times reports An all-white, albino panda has appeared in a natural reserve in China, the first of its kind to be documented, an expert said this week. Read story and see photo at White Panda Is Spotted in China for the First Time – The New York Times

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The World Health Organization (WHO) officially recognized traditional Chinese medicine for the first time on May 25, sparking widespread outcries from conservationists. The demand for wild animal parts in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a major driver of the illegal wildlife trade, encouraging the poaching of tigers, pangolins, rhinos, and more. This trade has decimated […]

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Red Seabeach: Photo by Jia Mi on Flickr | Copyright. Contributor: Eric Grundhauser Looking out across the world’s largest wetland area, the swath of marshy flora growing in the shallow waters of Dawa County, China is an eye-popping crimson, making the whole area look like it has been taken over by the fictional “red weed” […]

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