BAD NEWS, CANADA! The Province of Alberta and the Canadian Government have agreed to loosen environmental monitoring efforts in the Alberta Tar Sands Area.

The Tar Sands are already one of the very worst environmental disasters in the modern world today. Its had to find much worse!

Currently, the oil extracted is not commercially viable with world oil prices being the way they are today. Wildlife of all kinds has been negatively affected by this giant cesspool in this northern part of Alberta. Twenty-five percent of Alberta’s ground water is required in the refining of this dirty crude…

What benefit is this oil patch with its oil-filled settling ponds, low cash return and general major pollution issues? Many of the oil companies have pulled out of this province — it just isn’t worth it to anybody.

The fact that weasels are actually found all around the world, including here in the Pacific Northwest, might be surprising to some. But these nocturnal animals are small, with the largest getting to be only a couple feet long and weigh less than a pound, and their colorings allow for them to blend into their […]

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Senate passes bill that would ban whale, dolphin captivity in Canada After a multi-year legislative battle, a bill to outlaw keeping cetaceans like whales and dolphins in captivity has cleared the Senate — all but ensuring the end of a once-popular theme park attraction in Canada. S-203 — first introduced by now-retired Liberal senator […]

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This 2011 video from Canada says about itself: Woodland caribou numbers are declining across Canada. Five key threats have been identified for populations found in the mountain national parks of Banff, Glacier, Jasper and Mount Revelstoke. Parks Canada is working hard to reduce these threats and keep woodland caribou on the mountain landscapes. From the […]