The New York Times had a recent op-ed about a rare worthwhile action by the Department of Interior The interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, recently directed the agencies in his department to work with states and private landowners to minimize development and disturbance in migration corridors and winter ranges used by elk, mule deer and pronghorn […]

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Polar Bears International is the non-profit organization that virtually rules the town of Churchill when it comes to informing naïve tourists about polar bears. A million-dollar donation last year guaranteed the creation of a new building to permanently display PBI-generated information in downtown Churchill – previously limited to those visitors wealthy or influential enough to […]

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Already disappearing at an alarming rate, Greenland’s ice pack is melting at a much increased rate during this current heat wave. At least one village on the English coast has been warned, not because of the current heat wave, that general Arctic warming and melting will likely force the village into permanent evacuation at some point in the foreseeable future.