By California News Wire Services Video footage from the scene shows the predicament the wild animal found itself in, with just his head and neck protruding from the hole. MORENO VALLEY, CA — A hapless donkey ended up underground just north of Moreno Valley, stuck in a sinkhole until a construction crew dug a path […]

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By Jonathan Thompson as published on The Jackson Hole News & Guide “This scourge ‘wreaks havoc’ everywhere it goes…” (SFTTH Editor’s Note: Please reference Craig Downer‘s work which verifies that wild equids indeed improve and upgrade the land on which they roam.) In mid-October, William Perry Pendley, the acting director of the Bureau of Land […]

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An open letter by equine advocate Charlotte Roe Fellow Wild Equid advocates, fans and partners; While the nation is riveted on impeachment hearings a vital part of our nation’s history is being threatened for its very survival. We can’t, won’t let up on this challenge. The BLM just rounded up 295 of the treasured Challis wild […]

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An open letter from Charlotte Roe The BLM’s latest acting Director, William Pendley, now argues that wild horses post an “existential threat” in that the “havoc and destruction” they cause is the “biggest challenge” facing public lands. Mr. Pendley’s bizarrely dishonest proclamation — he has long advocated for selling off federal public lands — aims […]

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