Update from RTF By a vote of 92-6, the U.S. Senate on Wednesday handed a win to wild and domestic horses by approving a Fiscal Year 2019 “mini-bus” appropriations package that included protective language for wild horses and burros as well as an anti-slaughter provision. Our work is far from over, however. That’s because the […]

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The New York Times reports The Interior Department on Thursday proposed the most sweeping set of changes in decades to the Endangered Species Act, the law that brought the bald eagle and the Yellowstone grizzly bear back from the edge of extinction but which Republicans say is cumbersome and restricts economic development. The proposed revisions […]

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The Great Wildlife Decline!

The GREAT DECLINE “The disappearance of wildlife species is perhaps the most pressing and serious of all environmental problems, threatening the loss of valuable natural services and, as a result, undermining human well-being. The already accelerating rate of species loss is set to become faster still, as existing pressures arising from human population growth, expansion […]

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Wild Horse Plan Would Guarantee Extinction, Pundits say…

By Kristin Hugo as published on Newsweek The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently proposed a series of options that would drastically reduce the number of mustangs on public lands. Some horse lovers think the plan would be too effective and wipe out the animals completely. The options include offering people $1,000 each to adopt a horse, reducing restrictions on adoptions—including allowing […]

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Nevada Horse Roundup!

By Henry Brean / Las Vegas Review-Journal “None of the captured horses will be returned to the wild…” Federal authorities have gathered 85 wild horses and killed four of them during the first five days of their emergency roundup in the mountains west of Las Vegas. As of Monday night, the operation led by the […]

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