The LA Times reports on the study of how the diet of gulls of fast foods may be impacting the Channel Islands Seabirds, and their poop, play an important role in island ecosystems by moving nutrients from the mainland and the ocean to the island shores, said Young, who is advising Guerra on her research. It […]

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A white-tailed eagle, Britain’s largest bird of prey. Photograph: Mike Crutch/Forestry England/PA White-tailed eagles are gracing the skies of southern Britain for the first time in 240 years after six eaglets were released on the Isle of Wight. The huge birds, which are fitted with satellite tags, are expected to disperse along the south coast […]

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There’s been a lot of criticism from some rewilding/wilderness advocates of UK conservation practice being heavily geared towards intensive management of wildlife sites derived from past agricultural systems. Chalk grassland SSSIs, for example, are typically managed using agricultural livestock to maintain short, species-rich NVC plant communities and associated invertebrate population favouring these conditions. Many SSSIs […]

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