The Scottish wildcat is one of the United Kingdom species most at risk of disappearing, according to the State of Nature report published this week. A quarter of mammals and nearly half of birds assessed are at risk of extinction. Photograph: Peter Cairns/Courtesy of Scottish Wildcat Action Source: The week in wildlife – in pictures […]

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Already disappearing at an alarming rate, Greenland’s ice pack is melting at a much increased rate during this current heat wave. At least one village on the English coast has been warned, not because of the current heat wave, that general Arctic warming and melting will likely force the village into permanent evacuation at some point in the foreseeable future.


The Guardian reports The increasingly appetising buffet provided for garden birds, from sunflower hearts to suet cakes, is supporting a rising number and greater diversity of species in Britain’s urban areas, according to research. In the 1970s, half of all birds using garden feeders belonged to just two species, the sparrow and starling, but by the 2010s […]

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Recently Michael MacDonald examined the impact agri-environmental schemes have had in the UK and, in particular, Wales. Now Associate Editor Peter Manning highlights the need to focus on evidence of these schemes’ effects when considering agricultural policy reform. There is now overwhelming evidence that agricultural intensification has proven disastrous for wildlife, and that policies encouraging […]

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