Action – Write a comment before 11:59 pm EST tonight to stop the Trump Administration to allow killing birds “unintentionally. Write against a proposal that would allow the fossil fuel industry to avoid corporate penalties for their lazy and destructive practices that kill millions of our birds every day. Comment here tonight, March 19, by 11:59 […]

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The Berkeleyside reports Wild animals are blissfully unaware of the public health crisis engulfing the globe. Which is one reason watching birds of prey go about their ordinary lives via webcam can be both therapeutic and mesmerizing. The peregrine falcons that have made their nest atop UC Berkeley’s Campanile for the past three years are back. […]

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ScienceDaily reports Many cities are introducing green areas to protect their fauna. Amongst such measures are flower strips, which provide support to flower-visiting insects, insect- and seed-eating birds. According to the first quantitative assessment of the speed and distance over which urban flower strips attract wild bees, one-year-old flower strips attract 1/3 of the 232 species […]

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