8 New Birds Designated as Species At Risk in Canada- New Total is 72!

Bird Studies Canada reports The federal government recently announced its long-awaited decision to legally designate eight more bird species under Canada’s Species at Risk Act (SARA). This brings the total number of bird species afforded special protection under SARA to 72. Three other species that had previously been assessed underwent scheduled 10-year reviews: Cerulean Warbler, […]

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Winter Habitats in the Garden…

Most of the birds and some of the insects we find in the Washington, D.C. area migrate to warmer climates during the winter. However, many species stay in the DC Metro region throughout the year and must rely on a favorable habitat for food and shelter. Unfortunately, many natural areas are shrinking due to human development. As a result, gardening choices […]

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New Antbird Species Found in Peru!

This video says about itself: 20 January 2017 Watch this amazing video from the Cordillera Azul project! You will realize how beautiful is the tropical rainforest in Peru and how its conservation is giving hope to the local populations and helping to tackle climate change. From Louisiana State University in the USA: New antbird species […]

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European Mistle Thrush!

The Weather Network reports a rare bird spotted, could be first time ever in North America The European mistle thrush is a bird species commonly seen across Europe and Iceland. There has never been a recorded sighting in North America — until now. Read story at Rare bird spotted, could be first time ever in North […]

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Dear Kitty’s Blog- Swans on the Ice!

This 12 December 2017 video shows a mute swan family, parents and youngsters, trying to break the ice in a pond in Hardenberg town in the Netherlands. Jan Kuipers made this video. Related articles Snow goose, rare in the Netherlands New crab species in the Netherlands Voorne island wildlife videos Oldest oystercatcher ever in the […]

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Kingfisher in the Netherlands…

This November 2017 video shows a kingfisher in Ede town in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands. Related articles Backyard Bird Feeders May Be Altering the Course of Evolution Young red-backed shrike returned from Africa Dutch birdwatching TV game show Poaching gang arrested in Veluwe, the Netherlands Deer, wild boar lives saved by new measures […]

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