Featured Image : Regent Bowerbird. Well…Surprise..Surprise, still no polish on the van. The Showgrounds here at Toowoomba are very open and it’s blowing a gale. This morning we woke to the dreaded Drizzle plus it’s so much cooler here than on the coast. We were deciding what we were going to do for the day […]

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Migrating Russian eagles run up huge data roaming charges Eagles being tracked by Russian scientists via a GPS collar has cost them a small fortune in roaming charges – after it flew out the country. The migrating bird, named Min, was fitted with a device designed to text its coordinates back to researchers. 25 October […]

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Birds Canada and The National Audubon Society are looking to hire a joint Movement Ecologist. The Movement Ecologist will work closely with the Audubon’s Migratory Bird Initiative and Conservation Science teams and the Migration Ecology and Data Science and Technology teams at Birds Canada to promote effective conservation outcomes through movement and migration ecology research. See […]

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The New York Times reports To persuade some migrating Caspian terns to stop short of the Columbia River, scientists planted plastic decoys and patio speakers in San Francisco Bay. The goal of those doppelgängers was to lure terns to breed on the islands, and, in doing so, prevent endangered salmon and trout living hundreds of miles to […]

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