The Telegraph reports The self-proclaimed “Pablo Escobar of the falcon egg trade” is facing another lengthy jail sentence after being caught at Heathrow airport with a stash of 19 rare eggs strapped to his chest. He had arrived in London from South Africa carrying two rare vulture eggs as well as others from rare and endangered birds […]

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From childhood, I had been intrigued by stories about headhunters of Nagaland. As I grew older, I got to read books like Highway 39 and Land of the Dawn Lit Mountains. In the latter, the author, a lady from United Kingdom, rides solo from Guwahati all through Arunachal Pradesh. She has done a fine job […]

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ScienceDaily reports Climate change affects breeding birds Seed-eaters particularly vulnerable to temperature shifts The breeding seasons of wild house finches are shifting due to climate change, a Washington State University researcher has found. Read article at Climate change affects breeding birds: Seed-eaters particularly vulnerable to temperature shifts — ScienceDaily

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