The Telegraph reports The self-proclaimed “Pablo Escobar of the falcon egg trade” is facing another lengthy jail sentence after being caught at Heathrow airport with a stash of 19 rare eggs strapped to his chest. He had arrived in London from South Africa carrying two rare vulture eggs as well as others from rare and endangered birds […]

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India has faced man-animal conflict for decades. But the culling of these animals only reinforces the lack of a mechanism to address the issue. – Manu Balachandran India is at war with its wildlife. Over the past few months, authorities have declared, or sought to declare, as vermin an entire bunch of wild animals that are […]

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by Francie Diep as published on the Pacific Standard “One webpage, now removed, touted the current policies’ successes—and praised the bird’s mating dances…” As the federal government was gathering public input on changes to its plans for conserving an endangered Western bird, it removed webpages describing its current policies, inherited from the previous administration, an […]

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Belize Birding Festival debut

Repeating Islands

A report by Jared McCallister for The New York Daily News.

The recent Belize Birding Festival — starring beautiful nation and close to 590 resident and migratory birds — really took off, and the preparation for next year’s event is already underway.

Held in October in Belmopan, Belize, the inaugural event — presented by the Belize Tourism Industry Association in partnership with the Belize Hotel Association, Belize Audubon Society, and the Belize Tourism Board — had workshops, vendors’ displays and bird-watching tours.

“The BTIA is proud to have been one of the leading organizers of the first annual Belize Birding Festival, said executive director, John Burgos.

“We are definitely looking forward to planning for the second annual Belize Birding Festival to be hosted in October 2019, which will see greater participation of international birders wanting to bird-watch in Belize.”

For festival information,

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