Trump Administration Guts National Environmental Policy Act — Natural History Wanderings

EarthJustice News Release Final Council on Environmental Quality regulations to trigger legal challenges The Trump administration finalized its proposal to gut more than 40 years of settled environmental law. The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) released the final text of a sweeping rule which will eviscerate core components of the National Environmental Policy […]

Trump Administration Guts National Environmental Policy Act — Natural History Wanderings

NPR reports More diseases that pass from animals to humans, such as COVID-19, are likely to emerge as animals lose their habitats, says a new United Nations report. But don’t stress about whether or not to give your dog the belly rub she has been asking for all day. The animals most likely to harbor […]

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Depopulation has led to abandonment of less fertile agricultural lands throughout Europe. Portugal, with its declining population, is a prime example. In the Côa Valley, the abandonment of farmland has been turned into an opportunity for rewilding efforts to create new wilderness. Already the valley has seen the return of many endangered species, such as […]

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Prairie dogs are small ground squirrels that live in a network of tunnels and burrows on the prairie lands of western North America. There are five different species of prairie dogs: black-tailed, white-tailed, Gunnison’s, Utah, and Mexican. These rodents are herbivorous and are considered a keystone species in their native habitat. A keystone species is […]

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