The latest issue of BioNews, number 35, is now available. In case you haven’t noticed, we always strive to keep aware of what’s going on in Caribbean environmental issues. [Of course, Lisa is a specialist in the area, having served as director of the Environmental Studies program at Vassar College.] For me, as a non-specialist, it […]

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Depopulation has led to abandonment of less fertile agricultural lands throughout Europe. Portugal, with its declining population, is a prime example. In the Côa Valley, the abandonment of farmland has been turned into an opportunity for rewilding efforts to create new wilderness. Already the valley has seen the return of many endangered species, such as […]

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Prairie dogs are small ground squirrels that live in a network of tunnels and burrows on the prairie lands of western North America. There are five different species of prairie dogs: black-tailed, white-tailed, Gunnison’s, Utah, and Mexican. These rodents are herbivorous and are considered a keystone species in their native habitat. A keystone species is […]

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People for Bees The Irish wildlife trust are running a People for Bees project across the country once more in 2019. With People for Bees we deliver accessible talks on bees, their identification and how to create bee friendly habitats. This training includes practical outdoor sessions where participants practice field skills like bee identification, bumblebee […]

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