This 10 October 2019 video says about itself: Today we’re exploring 10 new species discovered around the world, within the last year. From the California Academy of Sciences in the USA: Scientists at the California Academy of Sciences describe 71 new species in 2019 December 5, 2019 Summary: From geckos to goblin spiders, flowering plants, […]

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According to News 6 Governor Gretchen Whitmer, along with governors DeWine (R-OH), Evers (D-WI), Wolf (D-PA), Pritzker (D-IL), and Walz (D-MN), sent a to chairman and ranking member of the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources voicing their support for the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act. “The decline of our fish and wildlife, and their […]

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NPR reports on the devastating deforestation in the BrazilianAmazon The country’s National Institute for Space Research, or INPE, released data Monday revealing that 3,769 square miles of rainforest were lost to deforestation in a 12-month period ending in July. That marks the highest rate of deforestation since 2008 — and a nearly 30% spike over […]

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At Wild Rescue Wildlife Sanctuary and Nature Reserve, we had the pleasure of staying in a beautiful stone-walled thatched cottage built in the Cape style. We had the opportunity to walk along narrow trails through intriguing vegetation in the reserve, which is classified as a Critical Biodiversity Area. Because of its variety of contrasting soil […]

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By Safiya Hassan, GLOBUS Correspondent Fishing has quickly become one of Africa’s fastest growing industries, with fisheries found to contribute $24 billion directly to the continent’s economy, accounting for 1.1% of total African GDP. The growth in demand is thought to be spearheaded by China’s trade expansion, in its quest to feed its ever-growing population. However, this has […]

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This is a very interesting article by Damian Carrington on light pollution and the rapid decline of insect populations, which mirrors a “catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems.” The article underlines that these collapses have been reported in Germany and Puerto Rico. Here are excerpts from The Guardian. Light pollution is a significant but overlooked driver of the rapid […]

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