Here’s a cool story from the National Geographic Society that I found in my email this morning. It’s about how National Geographic grantees are using satellite technology to protect lions in Botswana. Placing satellite, radio, or GPS collars on elusive animals like lions (Panthera leo) is a common way to study them. The collars allow […]

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NAIROBI (March 14, 2019) – JCDecaux, the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, is to join The Lion’s Share Fund, a unique initiative raising much-needed funds to support wildlife conservation across the globe according to a new UNDP press release . The Lion’s Share is an ambitious initiative, led by the United Nations Development Programme […]

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Eight Iranian conservationists who were studying Asiatic cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus venaticus) – of which only 50 are thought to remain in the wild – were arrested in January of 2018. A new National Geographic story by Kayleigh Long covers their plight in disturbing detail. The conservationists are associated with the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation (PWHF), […]

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18th February The jeep stops with a jerk amid a flurry of excited whispers. Fingers point and hands scramble for cameras. I follow the gestures and there it is. Stretched languorously across the undergrowth, the shade of the leaves above dappling its coat and hiding it from casual glances, lies a leopard. It is barely […]

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[John Vidal/HUFFPOST/15 de marzo del 2019] A three-year UN-backed study from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform On Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services has grim implications for the future of humanity. Nature is in freefall and the planet’s support systems are so stretched that we face widespread species extinctions and mass human migration unless urgent action is taken. […]

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A study performed by researchers with the Snow Leopard Trust suggests that snow leopard (Panthera uncia) population estimates are too high. The study – conducted by Suryawanshi, Khanyari, Sharma, Lkhagvajav, and Mishra (2019) – analyzed all of the peer-reviewed articles about snow leopard numbers from around the world. The scientists discovered that most of these […]

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