For 15 years, Irish anthropologist Martina Tyrrell has studied the relationship between humans and animals in Arviat, an Inuit community on the west coast of Hudson Bay, where the townspeople are increasingly having to cope with a large and dangerous visitor – the polar bear. It’s a Sunday afternoon in mid-October. I’m standing near the […]

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One of the great things about the internet is that there are so many different ways to learn about and see animals of all kinds! There are podcasts about pet care and wildlife, shows produced by zoos that share information and sweet stories about the animals they care for, and so much more. I have […]

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At the end of June, there were nine bears remaining from the original 14 that were tagged with glue-on ear transmittors in April 2018 near Kaktovik, Alaska by US Geological Survey biologists. Below is the June 2018 tracking map (high resolution image is here): Original caption: “Movements of 9 satellite-tagged polar bears for the month […]

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This map of Europe shows areas currently inhabited by brown bears (blue), areas that are suitable habitat for bears according to the new study, but which are currently not populated (green) and areas unsuitable as bear habitat (grey). Note that several potential bear habitats are geographically isolated and unlikely to become naturally recolonised. Credit: Néstor […]

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Trump Administration Seeks to Roll Back Endangered Species Act JUL 20, 2018 The Trump administration on Thursday announced plans to roll back the Endangered Species Act, ordering federal agencies to consider economic impacts before listing animals as protected under the law. The newly proposed guidelines by the Interior Department would allow corporations involved in mining, […]

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The New York Times reports The Interior Department on Thursday proposed the most sweeping set of changes in decades to the Endangered Species Act, the law that brought the bald eagle and the Yellowstone grizzly bear back from the edge of extinction but which Republicans say is cumbersome and restricts economic development. The proposed revisions […]

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