A grizzly bear wearing a scientific tracking collar was shot last year by an Alberta man, who pleaded guilty in court this past week on charges resulting from this action.

The 250 pound male grizzly was part of a provincial government study to discover ranges, habitat use and other habits regarding the declining population of the province’s grizzly bears, estimated to be in the 1100 range.

The $13,000 fine was not considered punitive enough by many, as trophy hunters from the US and elsewhere pay much more just for the opportunity to hunt these bears in Canada and Alaska.


Polar Bear as an Icon?

Last week I asked: “What’s causing the death of the polar bear as a climate change icon?” I was echoing the conclusion of a commentator at the Arctic Institute (22 August 2017) who lamented: “The polar bear is dead, long live the polar bear” and climate scientist Michael Mann, who told a lecture audience a […]

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Churchill Polar Bears

Churchill, Manitoba’s Polar Bear Alert Program is still reporting many fewer problems with polar bears onshore than it did last year at the same point in the ice-free season (week 5, 7-13 August): Compare to week five last year (2016), when bears came ashore in excellent condition: Although it’s been warmer than average recently (25.4 […]

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CANADA’S New Provincial NDP B.C. Government to Ban Grizzly Bear Hunting

Stating public pressure the newly elected provincial British Columbia government has moved to ban grizzly bear hunting effective November 30th , 2017.

Current B.C. grizzly population is estimated at 15,000. Four thousand grizzlies were killed in the past 16 years when the previous Liberal government re-opened trophy hunting for these bears.

Not understood by the writer is why it is a good idea to kill something for sport or trophy collection purposes. Some research on this subject suggests that such big game hunters feel more manly during these killing endeavors therefore helping to correct any deficit they may feel in this regard, and they can then point to preserved body parts on display in their man-cave to prove this deficit correction!

Congratulations to the new government for ending this cruel, unproductive and wasteful hunting practice. The bears are happy!

Friday Funny: praying polar bear caption contest — Watts Up With That?

A Canadian photographer was stunned when she went back through the photos she snapped of a polar bear in her backyard to find it praying in front of a cross. Jessica Andrews, 22, learned the bear was roaming around the Wesleyville, Newfoundland on an island behind her house from an online alert Wednesday. Andrews didn’t […]

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Bear Scat as Fertilizer?

Cool Green Science blog reports on “What Happens When You Plant a Pile of Bear Scat” In one case one sample of bear scat from last fall sprouted 1,200 seedlings this spring. Now the greenhouse is, well, green, because of one pile of purple poop full of berry seeds. Mostly Oregon grape with some chokecherry […]

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Endangered Species Act!

National Geographic reports The U.S. Endangered Species Act has saved more than 200 species from extinction—but business and political interests want to scuttle it. Read story at Inside the Effort to Kill Protections for Endangered Animals

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