European Union hunters were granted export permits from British Columbia, Canada, even though the EU banned the importation of exotic bear parts in 2004.  The B.C. New Democratic Party government banned hunting of grizzlies last December, except for the right to hunt of First Nations people.

There are an estimated 15,000 grizzly bears in B.C., but in some areas of the province bear numbers have declined tremendously.

The hunt was previously re-instated in 2001, since then almost 2000 permits for the exportation of grizzly bear trophies have been issued by the B.C. and Federal Canadian Governments…

The Canadian territory of the Yukon issues permits for grizzly & black bears, lynx, otter and wolf!

Canadians in other parts of the country need to pressure their respective provincial and federal government representatives to ban ALL exporting of Canada’s forest wildlife! This would include American and European Union trophy hunters souvenirs and parts.


Koalas hugging cool trees can reduce their body temperatures by almost 70 per cent A KOALA SPRAWLED on the trunk of a eucalyptus isn’t just resting its paws; it’s hugging the tree to stay cool in hot weather, according to researchers from the University of Melbourne. “If we all had infrared vision, we’d have known […]

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Environment Canada maps of polar bear population and status assessments 2018


Just out (6 June 2018) — new population assessment and status maps of the 19 polar bear subpopulations according to Environment Canada. Contrary to the map presented at the Range State meeting in February 2018 (pdf here), these maps show Western Hudson Bay and Southern Hudson Bay (along with the Southern Beaufort) as “likely declined.” A new category has been added for the Barents Sea: it’s considered “data deficient/uncertain,” but a population estimate of 2,001-3,000 has been provided.

No press release or other notice regarding the availability of these new maps was issued, as far as I know: I came across them by accident while looking for something else.

Global pb status and population map EC 2018Global map above, more below, including a comparative map that shows 2010, 2014, and 2018 together. I will update the two recent posts of mine (here and here) that used the February Range State map with the information…

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ABC NEWS REPORTS ‘Dentist’s Black Bear Hunt’!

From ABC News in the USA: See Photos of Black Bear Illegally Hunted by Dentist Walter Palmer Who Killed Cecil the Lion Aug 13, 2015, 8:19 PM ET By TAMI SHEHERI, TOM BERMAN and ALEXA VALIENTE Photos recently obtained by ABC News’ “20/20” show Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter Palmer posing with the large black bear […]

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A Sad Farewell; a Bear and a Tiger Said Farewell to Their Lion Friend…

This video from the USA says about itself: 23 May 2018 After 15 Years Of Friendship, This Tiger And Bear Just Said A Final Farewell To Their Lion Brother Social media users went crazy when they first heard the story of the bear, the lion and the tiger whose tortured pasts made them inseparable furr-ever […]

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Polar Bear Numbers!

A newly-published paper by Martyn Obbard and colleagues in the journal Arctic Science claims a 17% decline in abundance of polar bears in the Southern Hudson Bay region after years of reduced sea ice and declining body condition (Obbard et al. 2018). The decline in numbers was not statistically significant but an additional statistical analysis […]

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