Bear Scat as Fertilizer?

Cool Green Science blog reports on “What Happens When You Plant a Pile of Bear Scat” In one case one sample of bear scat from last fall sprouted 1,200 seedlings this spring. Now the greenhouse is, well, green, because of one pile of purple poop full of berry seeds. Mostly Oregon grape with some chokecherry […]

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Endangered Species Act!

National Geographic reports The U.S. Endangered Species Act has saved more than 200 species from extinction—but business and political interests want to scuttle it. Read story at Inside the Effort to Kill Protections for Endangered Animals

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Polar Bear Life!

Habitat for polar bears is abundant worldwide as the prime feeding season passes its peak and mating season for sexually mature bears winds down. There is much more ice than usual around Svalbard in the Barents Sea and off Newfoundland and southern Labrador, home to ‘Davis Strait’ bears. There have been no media reports of […]

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Cross Breeding of Bears?

A new paper on the evolutionary history of bears (Bears breed across species borders: Kumar et al. 2017) has concluded that hybridization is common and natural among all species of ursids. And while some media outlets (e.g. DailyMail) have framed this as surprisingly convincing proof that experts were wrong to claim that climate change is […]

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Watch Out For Bears- Yosemite area

If you are going to be driving in the Sierra please watch out for bears. Yosemite National Park reports National parks exist to protect wild and inspirational places, unimpaired, for this and future generations. But for wild animals, even our short visits to observe and recreate can have immense effects. 27 bears were hit by […]

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Federal Government Carnivore Destruction

Western Environmental Law Center Press Release 4/12/17 Federal Wildlife Killing Program Sued Over Carnivore Killing in Colorado Conservationists sued the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services today over its carnivore-killing program in Colorado. Included in the larger program are controversial plans to kill up to 120 mountain lions and black bears in Colorado in a misguided […]

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Polar Bear Population Appears to be Up!

Polar bear numbers have risen since 2005, no matter how you look at it: USGS estimated 24,500 (average) polar bears in 2005. IUCN estimated 26,500 (average of 22,000-31,000) in 2015 (assessment completed in July, released in November). Subpopulation surveys completed or reported after July 2015 (Baffin Bay, Kane Basin, Barents Sea) added ~2,000 bears. This […]

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