Center for Biological Diversity News Release TUCSON, Ariz.— The Trump administration will waive dozens of environmental and public health laws to speed border-wall construction through federally protected sites in Arizona and California. Today’s announcement from the Department of Homeland Security says waivers will be used to build walls through Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife […]

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David Bernhardt, Secretary of the Department of the Interior Source: Huffington Post By Chris D’Angelo The Bureau of Land Management, the federal agency that oversees more than 245 million acres of public land, has stripped its conservation-focused mission statement from agency news releases. Boilerplate language ― the bureau’s longstanding mission statement ― was printed at […]

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National Parks Conservation Association News Release Polluted Parks report documents the distressing effects of air pollution on national parks Washington, D.C. – Of the 417 national parks evaluated, 96 percent of America’s national parks are plagued by significant air pollution problems. This and other alarming facts were included in Polluted Parks: How America is failing to […]

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Ed Quillen used to say that oil shale had been the, “Next big thing for 100 years.” Here’s the release from the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (Ray Bloxham) via Earth Justice: Conservation groups today sued the Trump administration to challenge what would be the nation’s first commercial-scale oil shale mine and processing facility. The lawsuit […]

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Click here to read a new report on oil shale exploration and production [well, maybe someday] from Melinda Kassen: For more than a century, efforts to wring oil out of rock formations in the Rocky Mountain West have waxed and waned. The deposits underlying northwestern Colorado, southwestern Wyoming and northeastern Utah have been portrayed as […]

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Mexican Wildfires Impact on Mexico City

Over 4500 wildfires in Mexico cause an environmental emergency to be declared, as ash and smoke clog the city’s air. Mexico City has been in recent years rebounding from decades of seriously poor air quality, but now badly deteriorated again largely due to number of rural fires.

Smoke from some of these fires is drifting into parts of the U.S.