Synevyr National Nature Park in Ukraine is suffering, like many other protected areas, under the increasing pressure of visitors. Single-use plastic ends up in the rivers, people dump full garbage bags in the UNESCO World Heritage forest, and visitors are doing their toilet-business behind trees. Local villages still lack a proper waste management system too. […]

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These abandoned communities are seriously hazardous Dangerously unfit for human habitation, a number of settlements around the world remain strictly off-limits, ranging from once-thriving cities contaminated with radiation to desolate villages riddled with asbestos, anthrax and explosives. Grab your hazmat suit and let’s take a tour of 10 of the world’s most toxic towns.

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The last stretch of the Bulgarian Struma motorway, which connects Hamburg, Sofia and Thessaloniki, crosses the Kresna Gorge, a Natura 2000 site with 3,500 species. Some have already seen their numbers drop drastically. Posted today at 16h50 Time to Reading 5 min. Subscribers article On the border between Greece and Bulgaria, in February 2018. SAKIS […]

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