Do you remember when hordes of large, brightly coloured scarab beetles used to descend on Aussie summertime gatherings like mobile festive decorations? by John Pickrell Image credit: Stuart_Cox/Shutterstock Christmas beetles were said to be so numerous 100 years ago in the Sydney region that they could be found floating in the harbour in huge numbers […]

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Numerous studies support the theory that climate change is contributing in an extraordinary way to the deterioration of the marine ecosystem. The scientists of Australian Research Council, at James Cook University, recently sounded the alarm after verifying that the Great Australian Barrier Reef is destroyed by leaps and bounds. The so-called “whitening” of coral is […]

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As climate change puts increasing pressure on the world’s bird populations, we can all help from our homes to provide life-sustaining feed to birds caught by unreliable and shifting seasons, drought, wildfires, and any manner of changing world climate conditions. Some species may adapt if they have enough transition time, others may not.
In the meantime, we can all help by putting out and maintaining feeders in suitable seasons and conditions. Farmers can leave two or three rows of unharvested crops at the edge of the field for birds to find over the winter. Even table scraps can be useful for some species.
Serious population and species reductions have been projected; like up to a two- thirds decline in some bird numbers in some parts of the planet. Species types, too, will be seen where they never may have been before, as these move to more comfortable environments. Others may not be seen in some areas again…
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Oil and gas exploration company NSE suspended by stock exchange over rehabilitation liabilities Posted October 16, 2019 12:21:41 A company that ran out of money before it could frack oil and gas wells drilled in the Great Sandy Desert has been suspended from trading by the Australian Stock Exchange for not including environmental rehabilitation […]

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