As the sun sets over the African nation of Zimbabwe, a herd of elephants journey over the plains near the Limpopo River. Venturing across this “soft but harsh and beautiful and endless” landscape, as described by Your Shot photographer Jetje Japhet, the elephants were likely in search of food or water. “I was lucky to […]

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Originally Posted on I could see clear through the bullet hole. The sun poured through the skull onto the red Zimbabwean soil. I looked up and could see the pain seize my guide as he relived the encounter. I could see it in his eyes. Like mourning family. This was his child. I now […]

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Witbank is not “White” anymore. You can not see anything there. Coal power stations are the biggest culprits in the hotspot area. Greenpeace says an analysis of sophisticated satellite data shows Mpumalanga as the “worst” nitrogen dioxide (NO2) air pollution hotspot across six continents. It has been reported before that the Witbank area has […]

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The most magical day in my 8.5 months of travel occurred on February 6, 2019. That was the day I spent volunteering at Elephant Nature Park (, and with a nearby partner program (Pamper a Pachyderm,, which are located just 60km outside of Chiang Mai. IT WAS EVERYTHING. Elephant Nature Park is home to […]

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