Found among the grasslands of sub-Saharan Africa, the serval looks like a cat on stilts. Immediately recognizable by its long legs and large, rounded ears, this graceful feline’s stretched-out look is perfectly suited to detecting and pouncing on prey in the tall grass. Capable of jumping 12 feet into the air, servals can nab fleeing […]

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Prinia hypoxantha The Drakensberg Prinia is endemic to Swaziland, Lesotho and South Africa, occurring along the Drakensberg Range and its foothills from Limpopo Province to the Eastern Cape. The IUCN considers the Drakensberg Prinia a species of least concern. Some authorities believe it to be a subspecies of the Karoo Prinia. Usually encountered in monogamous […]

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More than 500 endangered vultures died after eating three dead elephants whose carcasses were poisoned by poachers, the Botswana government said in a statement Thursday. The 537 vultures and two tawny eagles were found dead in one of the country’s protected wildlife management areas (WMA) in the eastern Central District. Among the animals killed were 468 white-backed vultures, 28 hooded vultures, 17 white-headed vultures, 14 lappet-faced vultures and 10 cape vultures. All are classified as either endangered or critically endangered by […]

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an open letter from Charlotte Roe “Protecting public rangelands from overdevelopment and livestock overgrazing is a key to fighting global warming. “ Friends and Partners of the Wild Equids: While our nation and hearts are reeling from the latest mass gun violence, in come ever more urgent wakeup calls from international climate and biodiversity scientists, […]

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