A report by Sarah Gibbens for National Geographic. Without intervention, the gray slug that carries a bright shell could disappear from some regions. WHEN YOU’RE A conch, mating is better in a group. In fact, it’s the only way it works. These slow-moving Caribbean sea slugs carry heavy pink and orange shells, which make chasing down mates […]

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A report from Traffic. South Africa was the world’s leading exporter of South American parrots between 2000 and 2013 after Amazon countries “abandoned the possibility of legally and competitively producing and exporting their wildlife,” finds a new study into bird trade in Latin America. key findings https://player.vimeo.com/video/311207746?app_id=122963 The findings are published in Bird’s-eye view: Lessons from […]

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A report by Claire Salisbury for Brazzil. The multimillion-dollar legal wildlife trade in species originating from Amazonian countries has been analyzed in detail for the first time. A new report produced by the UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Center (UNEP-WCMC), UK, identifies the major export routes for millions of animals and plants — from live parrots […]

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The Telegraph reports The self-proclaimed “Pablo Escobar of the falcon egg trade” is facing another lengthy jail sentence after being caught at Heathrow airport with a stash of 19 rare eggs strapped to his chest. He had arrived in London from South Africa carrying two rare vulture eggs as well as others from rare and endangered birds […]

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