Fancy that! After a load of handwringing earlier this month, mobile pack ice in the Bering Sea has returned. Just like ice in the Barents Sea, Bering Sea ice is highly variable (Brown et al. 2011): it moves with winds and currents, so a ‘decline’ during the winter usually indicates redistribution, not melting. According to […]

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NAIROBI (March 14, 2019) – JCDecaux, the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, is to join The Lion’s Share Fund, a unique initiative raising much-needed funds to support wildlife conservation across the globe according to a new UNDP press release . The Lion’s Share is an ambitious initiative, led by the United Nations Development Programme […]

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Attribution: The U.S. Interstate Highway System is the largest infrastructure project in the world to this day, costing $499 billion in 2016 dollars, and taking 35 years to complete. This will be bigger.It’s Here! Green New Deal Calls for National High Speed Rail! The Green New Deal published back on February 7 supports the $2 trillion infrastructure […]

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Eight Iranian conservationists who were studying Asiatic cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus venaticus) – of which only 50 are thought to remain in the wild – were arrested in January of 2018. A new National Geographic story by Kayleigh Long covers their plight in disturbing detail. The conservationists are associated with the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation (PWHF), […]

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18th February The jeep stops with a jerk amid a flurry of excited whispers. Fingers point and hands scramble for cameras. I follow the gestures and there it is. Stretched languorously across the undergrowth, the shade of the leaves above dappling its coat and hiding it from casual glances, lies a leopard. It is barely […]

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Delegates to recent National People’s Congress asked for more help from central government and warn of cost of fighting pollution Beijing residents wearing masks on a smoggy day last year. Photo: Simon Song China’s cash-strapped regions are lobbying Beijing to loosen its purse strings to help fight pollution, saying they do not have the funds […]

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