The Cayman Cruise Pier – A Matter Of Caribbean Environmental Significance

Repeating Islands


A report by David Jessop for News Americas Now.

Regional news coverage can be patchy. While electoral politics, national economic performance and crime from across the Caribbean are regularly reported and commented upon, this is not the case when the issues are regarded as being domestic.

The lack of financial resource and reader insularity means that only a few, usually commercially linked publications can afford or are willing to regularly reproduce stories from sister newspapers elsewhere in the region. This is despite the existence of many vibrant publications in print and online, high-quality journalism and comment, and a very good but underfunded regional news agency.

The consequence is that lesser but often important events in one or another part of the region that raise matters of wider Caribbean concern do not obtain the regional coverage they deserve.

A case in point is the continuing controversy in the Cayman Islands…

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