Newly discovered wasp turns spiders into zombies

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This video says about itself:

30 May 2017

The Ichneumonid wasp Zatypota albicoxa (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Polysphinctini) lays a single egg on the house spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum.

The video shoes the attack of the wasp and the paralyzing sting in the underside of the spider’s prosoma. As soon as the spider is paralyzed, the wasp rubbs frequently on the spider’s opisthosoma with its ovipositor-sting, the ovipositor-sheaths being bent upward. In between the wasp makes some injections into the spiders prosoma, searching the right place for the injections at the border of the sternum between the coxae. Thereafter the front of the opisthosoma is rubbed again with the sting and the abdomen tip.

Finally, the wasp slides the tip of its abdomen in the gap between the spider’s prosoma and opisthosoma. A small drop of liquid (glue) runs out of the abdomen tip, followed by the egg itself. The egg…

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