Protecting TWA Seblat Conservation Area, in Sumatra — Brusca’s Creative Hub

For the island Sumatra it is a constant battle on all corners to try to win the war on protecting the remaining natural habitat for it’s critically endangered species. The constant battle for equilibrium to co-exist with these amazing animals and the fight against pure greed will be one that is fought for many years to come. The TWA Seblat Conservation Area is one habitat in the north of the province of Bengkulu. The last remaining natural habitat for 37 wild elephants that call this jungle paradise home. Unfortunately in the last 12 months a coal mining company (PT Inmas Abadi) neighbouring the TWA Seblat Conservation Area has been seeking approval to expand its mining sector to include a vast area of the protected TWA Seblat. This was initially and rightly so rejected by the Ministry for Forestry in Jakarta, but that rejection has now been challenged and initially supported to proceed by the acting Governor of Bengkulu.

via Protecting TWA Seblat Conservation Area — Brusca’s Creative Hub


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