RIVERS, the Ganges- EWM

The Ganges River is a 1569 mile river that starts in the Himalayan Gangotri Glacier, some 12,769 feet above sea level, transverses the alpine forests, runs through India’s northern plain, continues through the countries’ largest cities, onto the mud flats of Bangladesh, through the world’s largest river delta, into the Bay of Bengal.

The Ganges river basin contains the largest population of any of the world’s river basins, with some 400 million people living near its shores.

Hindus consider the river highly sacred, named after the god Ganga, Hindus bath in it, drink it, spread their dead’s ashes on it…

The Ganges is highly polluted, some 400 or more times than is safe for exposure to the human body, some scientists suggest.

There are 140 fish and 90 amphibian species dependent upon the river. Endangered Fresh Water Dolphins live there, so do the critically endangered Ganges Shark.

India has the resources to clean up this mighty and precious river, but apparently not the commitment to do so!



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