Haitian Environment- not good!!!

Haiti’s forest cover is now less than 30%, only about 2% original, down from 60% in 1925.  Heavy logging (for charcoal production, the country’s main source of fuel), erosion, environmental disasters, plantation creation and population growth have all taken a bitter toll.

Pollution from piles of plastic garbage, and other things sit side-by-side with simple community housing, and the country’s waterways basically flow plastic refuse continuously right on out to the sea and beyond.

The country’s environmental  plight has caught international attention, as this once green 1/2 of an important Caribbean island slowly goes to waste.

Native to the island are manatee, pigmy sperm and pilot whales, several species of dolphins, plus 5,600 species of plants, some only found in Haiti. Many species of bird life can be found there, some of them threatened.

The degradation of the island began with the French Colonization efforts in the 17th century, and continues to this day…

The island, its people, the environment,need some serious help!



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