Free subscription to Wildlife Photographic magazine for all our readers!

Good stuff!

The Field Biologist

Our very own, Meg Hill, has pulled out all the stops and got her fantastic photographs published in the highly regarded Wildlife Photographic Magazine. To celebrate, we are giving away free copies of the magazine to all you lucky people. Not only that, but each copy comes along with a free, three month subscription. So you can enjoy a whole host of wildlife pictures and articles for weeks to come.

Meg has managed to dazzle us with her Untitled2beautiful photos of wild Scarlet Macaws and the endangered Great green Macaw. Those of you that have photographed birds before will know just how hard this can be. This is a task made much harder when there are only 2,000 of your subjects left in the world due to deforestation and poaching for the pet trade. This is a sad fact that Meg and her team at The Ara Project are…

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