Lionfish invasion spreads to Pensacola rivers

Repeating Islands

635538361565410263-lionfishLocal environmental groups, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and divers from throughout the Panhandle region will gather at the Flora-Bama Ole River Grill and Yacht Club in Perdido Key on Friday and Saturday for the annual Lionfish Removal Festival and Tournament. The lionfish invasion has spread at alarming rates and have made their way through rivers in Pensacola, Florida:

Organizers of an upcoming lionfish roundup hope to collect thousands of the invasive and venomous predators, which are now being found in rivers and estuaries outside of the Gulf of Mexico. [. . .]

Event organizer Brian Asher said the annual lionfish roundup is the largest such event anywhere in the world. Asher said the goal of the festival is to harvest more than 15,000 lionfish from local waters during the two-day event. [. . .]

Anna Clark, founder of the Pensacola nonprofit environmental group Coast Watch Alliance, said lionfish…

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