Earthwatch, was it a success?

I have been reading about how many millions of people had participated in Earthwatch by turning off their electric lights, etc. I guess I might be more excited if I knew how many BILLIONS of people didn’t observe this international annual observation.

On our street, in an upwardly mobile and prosperous part of the City of Toronto, Canada, my wife an I did not notice any changes in the neighbouring expensive apartment condominiums in terms of lights OFF during  last Saturday between the hours of 8:30-9:30 PM…I guess people in our area are quite happy to continue using up the earth as though the earth’s resources are infinite.

Now to be honest, I’m not sure the promotion by government and media were as aggressive and as active in promoting this important symbolic reminder this year as they have been in the past…so I’m not sure it was as top-of-mind with people as is usually the custom! Lets do better next year!


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