The Jakarta Post referred to the Surabaya Zoo as the’ Zoo of Death’. This zoo, which has lost up to 25 animals per month,  includes the following deaths: a Lion found hanging in its compound, a Giraffe which chocked on plastic wrappers it had swallowed that were  discarded by zoo visitors, a very rare Sumatran Tiger accidently poisoned, an equally endangered Orangutan hooked on cigarettes, the list goes on and on…

Sun Bears are so starved they eat their own feces, 150 Pelicans in one cage-cruelty, cruelty, cruelty…Starvation, maltreatment, poor health care are some of the reasons for the excessive number of wildlife residents’ deaths and sicknesses.


Indonesia has a serious responsibility to preserve those rare creatures found in the Indonesian habitat, not to mention a responsibility  to oversee the care of these animals in the country’s zoos.

The Surabaya Zoo should be closed if not already and kept closed , and its animals transferred elsewhere. So, too, should any other of the country’s zoos and animal care facilities that fail to provide a decent standard of care for the animals in their trust.



For starters, lets ALL of us

petition the responsible and other government agencies there to seriously tighten up their oversight and management of these dwindling populations of precious creatures…





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