The remaining small population of an estimated 450 North Atlantic Right Whales is deemed dangerously low to guarantee this sub-species will not go extinct. There is an estimate of only 100 breeding females. Plus the species has a low known birth rate. Seventeen North Atlantic Right Whales have been washed up dead this year in the St. Lawrence  and on the north east U.S. Coast.

Collisions with ships and fishing net entanglement are the prime dangers identified to this beautiful whale! Governments need to get more into this crisis quickly. In Canada, speed limits for ship traffic has been reduced, not sure what the U.S. is doing? But in any event, much more need t be done by both governments to ensure the long-term survivability of this whale.

You should contact the Federal Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans in Canada, or your, local and regional politicians in this regard. Tell them of your concerns.



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