Saving Greek birds


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This is a lesser kestrel video.

From BirdLife:

14 Nov 2017

Greece takes action on 3 iconic bird species

Roula Trigou from HOS (BirdLife Greece) tells us why the future looks brighter for 3 charismatic bird species in Greece: the Egyptian vulture, the Lesser White-fronted Goose and the Lesser Kestrel.

In a landmark first for Greece, three Species Action Plans (SAPs) to protect three iconic bird species have been adopted by the government in Athens. The long-awaited National Action Plans for the Egyptian Vulture and the Lesser White-fronted Goose – as well as the Regional Action Plan for the Lesser Kestrel in Thessaly, central Greece – describe very clearly the necessary actions that must be taken in Greece in order to safeguard these iconic species over the next five years. All three species are listed in the Red Data Book of Endangered Species of Greece and are strictly…

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