Rehabilitated flamingos freed in Malta

Good Work, Malta!

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from Malta says about itself:

Rehabilitated flamingos released at Għadira Nature Reserve

27 September 2017

Autumn migration of birds is in full swing these days.

Over the past weeks, the Maltese Islands saw a remarkable passage of Greater Flamingos.

Flocks of over a hundred birds together have been seen flying along the coast, consisting of adults and young birds which hatched earlier this year.

When such big movements occur, young weak birds become stranded behind, with these birds ending up often on our beaches, weak and tired.

One Flamingo landed at White Tower Bay in Mellieħa on the 30th August. People immediately called BirdLife Malta and the police, however the bird was picked up and mishandled by an individual and was later recovered by police.

Another Flamingo appeared in Birżebbuġa on the 9th September, following the storms that hit the island the day before. This bird was…

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