11th Right Whale Found Dead in St. Lawrence This Year

Concern over the remaining population of North Atlantic Right Whales continues with the discovery of yet another  dead whale within the last week in the St. Lawrence River Basin system.

Once common, early Basque whalers, and others, hunted almost to extinction the preferred ‘Right’ whale as it was the right whale to hunt due to the high product of whale oil this species produced. An estimated 500 North Atlantic Right Whales are believed to exist. A 12th  dead Right Whale was discovered along the US New England coast within the past few weeks.

The new St Lawrence discovery makes  a total of 12 dead Right Whales discovered in Canada and the US this year. Whale/ Ship collisions are considered one of the main problems, resulting in Canada’s reducing speed limits in the St. Lawrence to 10 knots/hour.


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