Wildlife Activist Kuki Gallmann Shot in Kenya

Well-known Kenyan citizen Kuki Gallmann was shot in the stomach by tribal cattle herders while patrolling her 98,000 acre wildlife sanctuary. She was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Her husband and son died in accidents within a few years of one another, and a lodge on the property was mysteriously burned to the ground a few years ago.

This is yet another example of armed herders attacking residents and wildlife in their attempt to expand their cattle grazing territories as part of a continuing tribal expansion effort at the expense of other tribes and settlers. These terrorists are usually armed with AK47’s, very easy to get anywhere in Africa.

Kuki Gallmann is a well-known wildlife animal activist, author and poet who moved to Kenya with her husband years ago and became a citizen of that country.

Policing and security in Kenya needs some serious attention as poachers, armed herder expansionists and terrorist seem to operate at will against a government unwilling or unable to establish and maintain  a regular sense of order.

Help to put pressure on the government to bring about more substantial order to that country. Write to the Department of Tourism stating your concerns:   http://www.tourism.go.ke


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