Most processed Rhino Horn ends up in China or Vietnam for consumption

Rhino Horn is basically composed of something very similar to our toe nails!. In fact its basically the same stuff as it relates to Rhinoceros.There is no magical ingredients in it, it does not assist males getting an erection, no possible benefit can come to its users by consumption. Yet, this ancient oriental medicinal  belief, probably conceived by virtue of the fact that  Rhino Horn looks in some ways similar to a male erection if you have a vivid enough imagination, became the stuff of Chinese folklore- that consuming it would enhance your sex life.  Wild Asian Rhinos have been extinct in China proper for a long, long time.

This false belief in the sexual benefits and the increased human usage of the powdered product has caused the price of Rhino Horn to reach hundreds of thousands of dollars per horn making it easy for oriental crime syndicates to recruit poor Africans and Asians to poach and slaughter this dwindling species for something far less for them  than the ultimate market price in South East Asia.

Unless we get some of the governments on side from the countries where this product is consumed the future  looks rather bleak for all the 5 species of Rhino, some of them already down to a few handfuls in number.



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