Featured Image -- 555 Hopefully, next year we will enjoy better news on this front than we have this year. Rhino poaching for their valuable horn  is mistakenly believed to increase sexual potency by some less enlightened cultures. last year some 1000 rhinos were poached in South Africa, so far this year the loss has been 787 and growing.

A hundred years ago there were an estimated 500,000 rhinos of all the 5 sub-species world wide. Today less than 30 thousand can be counted with some regions in Asia counting 100 individuals or less.

My oh my! Where is this going?

You could write to the South African Tourist Government departments and tourism organizations to force the governments there and elsewhere to massively increase their surveillance and protection of these increasingly rare creatures so that generations to come might enjoy their presence on earth. Rhinos have been on this planet for 40 million years! Surely we owe them the continued opportunity to share our world.


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