Passenger Pigeon Went Extinct 100 Years Ago!

170px-Martha_last_passenger_pigeon_1914  MARTHA , the name of the LAST passenger pigeon, died in 1914, and officially  the sub-species became  totally extinct.

This was originally NOT a rare bird, but estimates ranged up to 5 billion birds in their heyday. Observers then noting that it could take up to two days for a migrating flock to pass overhead. It was North America’s most plentiful bird!

But indiscriminate hunting for sport  and food  and habitat loss caused a dramatic decline in populations by the late 1880’s, and by the early 20th century the bird was in very serious trouble and on its last legs. Martha, the last known passenger pigeon, died in a zoo at a ripe old age… but she was indeed the last!

This could happen faster to even more vulnerable species…BE AWARE!


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