Center for Biological Diversity provides a public disservice on polar bear status


Media agency Aljazeera gave free advertizing the other day (June 16, 2014, “New TV ads focus on plight of polar bears in warming world, by Renee Lewis) to the Center for Biological Diversity’s TV fear-mongering campaign about polar bears.

USFWS photo USFWS photo

With unmitigated gall, it’s being billed as a “public service announcement.”

Scientists predict ‘ice-free’ summer Arctic by 2020 due to global warming; polar bears could be extinct by 2100 said the Aljazeeralede.

“More than 450 television stations around the United States will soon start airing a public service announcement showing two polar bears desperately trying to find sea ice sturdy enough to stand on, highlighting the effects of climate change.

The ad, which is being launched Monday by a conservation nonprofit group, includes a call to action with a petition to curb global warming, which is causing arctic ice melt.

“Global warming…

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