The species is divided into two subspecies: the ‘Bornean’ and the ‘Sumatran’ with populations now found in only Borneo and Sumatra.  Habitat has declined by as much as 55% over the last twenty years, due to many things, but mainly  conversion of the traditional  natural environments into palm oil plantations, some developed by  a division of one of the world’s largest cereal companies, and by a giant international soap products company or a offshoot thereof. Some of these lands are simply ‘burnt off’ to clear them for plantation plantings.

Road development, the pet trade, the ignoring of scientific evidence by developers, all ad to the difficulties that already  exist.

The situation is not good!

What can a person do to fight this stuff? Well, first of all there are heart doctors who will tell you that palm oil is not the best thing you can consume. So, check your package contents list for ingredients, then don’t eat the stuff if it contains palm oil- you might be surprised how many products contain this ingredient, like many, if not most , chocolate bars.

And/or you could buy only no-name cereals and soaps…but let’s do something!



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