This is about as sick as it can get-Last Orangutan killed in a barroom brawl!

Naturalists have confirmed that the last surviving Bornean orangutan has been killed during a violent brawl in a pub in Whitechapel, East London. The critically endangered creature was sitting at a corner table with two of its keepers from London Zoo, who were transporting it to Whipsnade for a veterinary procedure, when a […]

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Desert Tortoises

The Southwestern  U.S. (and Mexican) desert tortoises are considered to be  two species- Agassiz, east of the Colorado River,  and Morafka, west of the Colorado in the Mohave & Sonoran Deserts.

The life expectancy is 50-80 years and they conserve bodily fluids by being as inactive as possible seeking shade and underground bunker sanctuaries. They produce only 4-6 eggs per cycle.

Current threats to the relatively small populations of these are domestic and wild predation, dump development, solar farm development, disease and human interference.

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Monsanto: An Agricultural Nightmare

Interesting article! Worth the read…

What is the corporate giant, Monsanto?

 Simply, it is a multi-billion dollar corporation that focuses on biotechnology and, now, seed production. If you go to the corporation’s website, you will casually notice the color green everywhere. This is a technique used in marketing for persuasion purposes.

Green, for example, symbolizes health and growth. When I see a cool-toned green, I think of trust, green solutions, recycling, nature, and creativity. 

Please, comment below and tell me what you think of when you see a company use green as the main color. I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

Other interesting things to notice are the pictures of soil and happy faces. You know, the kind of happy faces you see in those pharmaceutical commercials where the person is gleefully prancing around after taking the advertised drug. The best part about those ads is when the narrator quickly lists all of the side effects the drug can cause…

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Extremely Scary Statistics…time to really get worried!

Today’s post is dedicated to listing the current species that are under the Critically Endangered (CR) conservation status, according to the World Wildlife Fund. What does Critically Endangered (CR) mean? A: Critically Endangered (CR) is the conservation status given to a species that face the highest risk of becoming extinct. This means that a species has passed the Vulnerable (VU) status, as well as […]

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Poisonous Geese and Territorial Hippos on the Chobe River — Uncover.Travel

It is a stormy day on the Chobe River as we head out in the tenders in search of African wildlife. While birds are sheltering from the rain the hippos are loving the wet weather. We spot a male hippo grazing on the banks of the river. When he sees us coming closer he trots towards the water […]

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